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Button Finds Spring

April 3, 2011

Yesterday the  mom’s gathered to go shopping and the Button decided it would be a great day to go for a ride in Grandpa’s truck.  We set off and made our way over to Canyon Lake Park to inventory the geese and Mallards on the lake and in the park.  Geared up in his fireman’s boots and bouyed by65 degees tempuratures, the kid ran himself ragged.

Delighted at being turned loose, he stalked the Canada geese . . .

charmed strange ladies and kissed their dogs . . .

spent 15 minutes chucking rocks into to Lake, learning the valuable life-lesson that when thrown, dried goose crap does not carry well and makes a very disappointing splash when it hits the water . . .

and, that Canada geese are absolutely irresistable when you’re 2 years old.  All in all, a most instructive and enjoyable spring day. 

I’m sorry to add that a snow squall is presently busy painting the yard white — maybe next weekend?

— Margadant




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