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Sidebar to “SB XLV”

February 10, 2011

We have a new coffee shop in town that I’ve grown fond of.  The husband of its owner and hostess has an uncle that is in the Green Bay Packer’s front office.  (I learned this tidbit when I started kibbitzing on a conversation after I overheard Ray Nitschke’s name mentioned — apparently “Unc” knew all the old greats).

This morning I ran into the husband and mentioned how pleased he must have been over the Packer’s winning the Super Bowl.  Surprisingly, he replied that he’d skipped watching most of the second half because of all the dropped footballs.  I related my frustration at all the commercial interruptions and the ungodly length of the game.  He nodded and told me that afterwards he’d heard the same complaints from back east.  The constant commercial time-outs had screwed everyone’s head up; there was no rhythm to the game, about the time something started to flow it was time a $15 million commercial break.

I didn’t have to reflect long to agree.


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