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January 1, 2011

The close of 2010 went about as expected after BKM volunteered the premises for the clan gathering.  All in all, it probably made good sense since Lee graduated from BHSU on Dec. 18th and his brother found a weather window to come over from Iowa for early festivities.   It appeared that everyone had about as good a time as they could stand; certainly BKM was in good spirits with both of her sons under her roof again, even if it only lasted four days.

The grandson was everyone’s focus, so much so that I didn’t have to despair about no longer having an office to sneak away to.  In addition to the Button’s  gift, friends stopped by with a gift of cleaned and frozen bass fillets and elk meat.  We ate all the lefse and krumkake first, the bass next, and tonight BKM is doing her initiation with ground elk.

I was in Menards on Thursday and spotted a G-scale Lionel train set — on sale.  I resisted the strong impulse to buy it for the Button, but weakened when I got home and learned we’d done a deal to watch him overnight on New Year’s Eve.  So next day I took BKM for a bagel and to view the train set.  In the end, I was responsible and we flipped a quarter to see whether we’d buy it.  It wasn’t too hard to carry out to the truck, and BKM says we can use the rebate for lumber the new closet.

The kid is in that stage where he loves trains.   The Button was gobstruck by the concept of having a train that ran on tracks by itself.  I fear that his shouts and hearty laughter are going to cause me to go astray in the future.

I’m called to the elk meal.  This could be a pretty good year.

— Margadant

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  1. January 1, 2011 8:49 pm

    Button is about the age that Kirby was when he asked for A TRAIN. At Christmas he got one. He was disappointed, indifferent and never played with it. As in turned out, what he really wanted was a full-blown train, not a toy.

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