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October 16, 2010

Friend Gunnar sent me the following this morning.  In addition to being interesting, there’s much I am sketical of and troubled by — I’m not a great fan of  predator ecological and behavior studies by folks that have moved into the deer winter range.  But more on that later.  I am pledged on sacred relics to tear out the ceiling in our walk-in closet this weekend and BKM is almost done moving her clothes.    Meanwhile, suspend your fear and mull it over.

“Breakfast with L.P. this morning. He just returned from a grouse hunting trip with his brother on the Superior North Shore. Hunting was good. 

“They saw three wolves while driving the back trails. He said what struck him was how much bolder they have become. At one time if you saw a wolf it was a glimpse far up the road.  This year one of them approached the car and walked by in the ditch eyeballing them. Another bounded into the woods, but then stood looking at them, scratching and stretching.  No fear or stress.

“Later he was talking to a rural local who said a neighbor had a Lab killed by wolves in his back yard, and he noticed that lately his own Springer doesn’t like being outside alone. He said a number of his friends had ‘deer cameras’ set up. What he found more disturbing than the wolves was that they had taken three clear photos of cougars. He said with wolves he feared for his dog, with cougars he feared for himself. He’ll get used to it. “
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