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10:30 A.M. and Life is Good

September 2, 2010

This morning I’m mindful of that Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza was running around screaming,  “Serenity Now!!!”  That same manic state of mind has taken over today and it’s comforting to remember that, at least for a while, Frank was content.

Only two things can account for this strange sense of well-being.  The first is Johnny Mack Brown.  I got back from Pierre last night and discovered the Encore western channel was running old Johnny Mack Brown ” B” westerns as a birthday tribute.  Tex Ritter appeared as a darker partner and Fuzzy St. John had some better moments as the bumbling sidekick. 

Memories of those mid-1950’s days when the Rochester and Austin TV stations were just going on air came back.  They had no programing to speak of and the solution was to show as many 1930’s and 1940’s “B” westerns as they could lay their hands on.  It was cheap — especially critical since neither station had been able to sell much advertising.  Westrum and I became well versed in Hoppy, Ken Maynard, Lash LaRue, and — my favorite, Johnny Mack Brown.

It made for a pleasant night and I bored BKM to death explaining who all these old guys were and why all this formative stuff was supposed to be so important.

But this morning iced the cake.  I went down to the office, pulled the laptop out of the bag, set it up and plugged it in, and nothing happened.  The process was repeated and still nothing — just black screen.  So I called the IT Desk.  After a brief conversation and a try at turning the computer on without its battery, Ken pronounced the unit was “fried.”  Despite the inconvenience this verdict meant, the news gave me a strange sense of satisfaction.  Somehow I have the impression that I’ve won some sort of victory here. 

Like Frank, I’m grinning and muttering “Serenity Now!”  Unfortunately, “Hoochi Mamma” is probably just around the corner.

— Margadant

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  1. Gunnar Berg permalink
    September 2, 2010 11:30 am

    40 years ago brother Elbert was in California sitting on a park bench. He was in the Navy on leave at the time and was nursing a hangover and probably still drunk. An older gentleman came by and asked if he could share the bench. Elbert got half an hour of “stay away from bars, gambling and wild women” life philosophy from Tex Ritter. Elbert was not impressed, not star struck, and certainly not ever interested in staying away from bars and women. He only mentioned this in passing 20 years later.

  2. dex permalink
    September 21, 2010 10:34 am

    I saw tht same movie. Then I checked out
    and got caught up on Johnny Mack Brown’s final years. You do remember that he was an All-american football player who came to fame catching passes in the first Rose Bowl for the winning U of Alabama. I have a bunch of his movies on a CD my brother-in-law gave me when I was getting over surgery, but I haven’t watched them.

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