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Wanted: Mentor in the general population

August 23, 2010

Ted Klaudt, a state representative in South Dakota from 1999 – 2006, left the legislature because of term limits, and he is back in the news again. Currently Klaudt doing 44 years for his 2007 conviction on four counts of the second degree rape of two of his foster daughters, plus another 10 years for witness tampering.

Since the trial the Rapid City Journal  has been covering Mr. Klaudt’s post conviction maneuvering,  letting us know about his common law declaration copyrighting his own name, and Klaudt’s recent letter to President Obama resigning his citizenship, apparently in support of his theory that the courts of South Dakota do not have jurisdiction over him or the charges he was convicted of.

Today’s Rapid City Journal carried a new story.  Klaudt has now filed papers in the United States 8th Circuit Court of Appeals asking for help with his legal troubles.  And should the 8th Circuit not help him, Klaudt threatens to give FOX News evidence that the State of South Dakota misused $750,000 of federal funds in 2005 or 2006.  “‘I am not going to beat around the bush,’ Klaudt said in the court documents.  ‘I am trying to save my own neck, and if I need to, I am prepared to goes [sic] far as I  am forced to go to achieve that goal.'”

I am stunned.  I did not expect contrition or remorse; however, after two years in the pen I would have expected that Klaudt would have learned something about negotiation.  The formula is supposed to go, “I’ll tell you the bad stuff if you’ll let me go free;”  not “I won’t tell the bad stuff if you let me go free.”  In his years in the legislature Klaudt apparently never picked up on how quid pro quo works.  This is just an embarrassingly poor attempt at blackmail.  And I’m sure if he’d have asked some of the other guys in the block, they’d have told him not to send what amounts to the ransom note to a federal judge.

— Margadant

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