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It’s all relative

August 16, 2010

Equilibrium is a relative state.  That becomes very apparent when one starts weighing out various events and stressors on one’s personal scale. 

For example, I’m back from a week in the high country and today was the first day back on the treadmill.  A bunch of email on the computer at home, none of which was exciting.  Rather, the bulk of it related to the two simultaneous field action requests (orders) that I learned about over the weekend.  The timing is dicey, both call for a full court press, on two different fronts, with deadlines within a week of each other.  They were nice enough to send along metrics so that I can measure my performance.

My driveway and the street out front are still nonfunctional due to water main construction.  That’s been the case now for a month and there’s no end in sight.  BKM just came in raising hell about where she had to park; where the garbage had to go to get picked up . . . .

BKM thinks she heard a rattlesnake by the bridge over the creek while she was walking the dog.  It got serious when I learned the dog acted like she did too.  I can’t find it — maybe it’s in the garden.

My office computer still refuses to open any email.  I became even more aggravated when the IT guy in DC took control of my computer and couldn’t do anything with it either.   Now I await secret email from my new server confirming which of the passwords it selected from the variety it required when I set up the account.

I just got off the i-net to Game Fish & Parks.  The agency informs me that I was successful in the draw for the West River Deer Season.  My first choice was granted.  Now I can begin scheduling scouting trips out to the Willuweit ranch.  It’s amazing how much is offset by news like this.  Ah, bliss.

— Margadant

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