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Excitement over new book and red wolf pups

July 19, 2010

Late last Friday the mailbox chimed and a lengthy article about a new book on rewilding, conservation biology, and the politics and psychology thereof, appeared.  The title about why we have to bring back the wolf teased me into reading the piece and by the end I decided I would order two of the books, one for myself and the other for Lee, who’s still wolf-struck. 

Well, the pup pictures helped too. 

Here’s the poo on the book:   

Rewilding the World: Dispatches from the Conservation Revolution, by Caroline Fraser,Metropolitan, 400 pp., $28.50 

“Caroline Fraser’s book Rewilding the World is a call to retrofit more than a century of nature conservation in the United States and around the world. Why, at this late date, is it so important that we redesign the global conservation system? Conservationists are rightly proud of their collective accomplishment in bringing some 12 percent of the earth’s land under protection so that future generations may know and enjoy nature. Why should this success now be in question?  The answer lies in the fact that our zeal for conserving nature far outran the science of how to do it. . . .” 

See the article at:  

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