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Apologies to Canada’s Skip, Cheryl Bernard

July 19, 2010

I’ve been peeking at my blog’s data for the last couple of weeks and noticed that there were a lot of  hits on a little post I did about Cheryl Bernard back during the Winter Olympics.  I couldn’t figure out why.  

So today, after noticing a couple more hits, I decided to find out if I was missing something and I Googled up Ms. Bernard.  I got inundated with over a 100,000 links for “cheryl bernard swimsuit pictures.”   Now, I concede that Ms. Bernard is as sexy a woman as I’ve seen in a good while; and I am not surprised that there is a segment of my gender that has a prurient interest in Ms. Bernard — afterall, it is my gender that shows no embarrassment in being associated with the term, “man cave.”    However, I was not prepared for over 100,000 links to purported pin-up sites featuring Canada’s skip. 

All of the pictures that I found popping up on these links resemble Cheryl Bernard in only one respect, the subject depicted was a brunette.  In five minutes of clicking I didn’t find anybody dressed in a swimsuit that even closely resembled Ms. Bernard.  It’s all bullshit, but no body seems ready to give up on this fantasy.

Are men so juvenile, jaded, or unimaginative that they require swimsuit pictures in order to appreciate the qualities of a woman like Cheryl Bernard?  Consider the picture above — if you still require a pin-up picture in order to be interested in its subject and meeting her, then prepare yourself to experience a lot of rejection and embarrassment during the rest of your days. 

Meanwhile, my apologies to Ms. Bernard.

— JM

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