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Thoughts and the revealed truth

July 16, 2010

Like the majority of Americans, I learned to ride a bike, but could never, even in the wildest flight of fantasy, describe myself as a wheelman.  But then, what’s to know?  I watch and enjoy the Tour de  France, but those guys are just in super condition and possess an S/M bent; but basically, it’s just riding a bike, Right?

That mindset was shredded last night when I watched Mark Cavendish’s lead-out rider, Mark Renshaw, shouldering and head butting the Garmin team’s lead-out rider off his line in the concluding seconds of the stage’s sprint, and then Renshaw moved his bike back to the left in an attempt to prevent Garmin’s sprinter, Tyler Farrar, from pursuing the disappearing Cavendish.  I was astonished.  It had never occurred to me that bike races had, or even needed rules, or that people could initiate moves like that while riding a bike at 40 mph. 

Having seen the deed, as well as the carnage that has resulted from “spills” and “crashes” during this year’s Tour, I heartily agreed that it was right for the officials to immediately toss Renshaw out of the race.  I can live with a shoulder or two, but it was decidedly dead wrong to alter course to try to block Farrar afterwards.   A good rule for the sprints, and an appropriate punishment; for if Renshaw possessed the skill and daring to head-butt at 40 mph, then all the riders do, and the pay-backs could turn the race into Dodge City on a Saturday night.

I also note the Hank Cochran stepped into the shade.  His specialty was sad, sit-in-a-bar-sniffling-sad, country songs — really SAD songs.   But, his body of work will live on in second-hand record stores and late-night music anthology sales.

On a completely different level, I’m compelled to pass along this morning’s observation by my favorite barista.  I had mentioned an article in this morning’s paper about the local humane society seizing 19 cats from a house here in town; Zach observed that “there’s a lot of cat ladies in the making in this town.”

— Margadant

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  1. Gunnar Berg permalink
    July 16, 2010 11:34 am

    The excuse for the head butting was that at 40 mph the rider is hesitate to take his hands off the bars and push the invader off, that and the fact that they are pulling hard on the bars as they sprint and can’t give up the leverage. I agree with you on your take on the violations, other than Julian Dean, the buttee, was clearly violating Renshaw’s space and needed to be pitched too. But that’s what sprinters do for a living.

  2. Jana Margadant permalink
    July 17, 2010 1:27 pm

    I used to think I could be a cat lady, however, I have recently decided that I can not pull it off any more. I loved my cat, Murphey, but after taking him with me when I moved out and the horrible expriences I had in the short time before sending him back to you and mom. I have changed my mind and no, never again. I now know I hate owning cats, and it will never happen again. I do love my dogs though…so maybe one day I could aspire to become a dog lady!

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