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A ‘Bar in them woods??

July 13, 2010

The second report of a black bear sighting in the Black Hills came from a family of Minnesota tourists who spotted the elusive bruin on the outskirts of Keystone yesterday afternoon.  They had the presence of mind to snap a picture which the newspaper described as “clear” and purports to depict the bear back, left front shoulder, and right ear as it retreated into the woods.  The paper ran the picture — black and white of course – and I’m at a loss to tell what anything but the ponderosa pine in the foreground is.  The authoritiesare of the opinion that the photo is not conclusive.

The deputy sheriff that responded seems to think it was a black bear, but the GF&P conservation officer was more noncommittal, deeming it a probable unconfirmed sighting at this point.  Today they’re going back out to see if there is any evidence, like hair, tracks, scat, etc., that was overlooked yesterday.

Bear Country says all its bears are accounted for.  GF&P is busy reminding everybody that bears are a protected species in this state, so don’t go shooting any.  And most heartening, this is the second bear “sighting” in the Black Hills this year.  If they’re indeed back, that’s going to frost a lot of people.  It might even take the heat off the mountain lions that lurk in the darkness, waiting to unleash depredation that rivals that of the Mongol horde.


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