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Trend is up for 3″ Magnum stock

April 27, 2010

Yesterday I heard news that at its May meeting  the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Commission will consider whether to increase the Canada goose limit in 14 counties in the state.  The proposal is that between August 14th and August 22nd, hunters in these 14 counties would be allowed to shoot 8 geese a day, with a possession limit of 32 geese. 

Apparently conditions have changed for the Canada geese and they are failing to migrate further south in the fall.  This to the consternation of the farming community which is making increasing depredation complaints.   The state maintains that it tries to manage for a Canada goose population of 85,000 birds in the state, but the most recent survey indicated about 160,000 geese were making staying around.

I am curious about the reason for this affinity for a state that boasts the lowest average hourly wage in the nation and has more Facebook accounts per capita than any other state.  I suspect there is more science behind this goose behavior than news accounts would have us believe — perhaps it’s getting warmer?  If so, this behavior is probably evident up and down the flyway and more than one state is plagued with problem geese.  That leads me to wonder whether this increased bag-limit might not have some unintended consequences further down the road.

It’s ask a biologist time, I guess. 

— Margadant

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  1. Wayne Gilbert permalink
    April 27, 2010 11:01 am

    “Ask a biologist[?]” What a revolutionary concept. Maybe the commission could apply that concept to other issues, e.g. mountain lion hunting. Maybe the commission could listen to its staff on such issues.

    To quote an old Steve Martin gag: “Nah.”

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