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The sucker’s pronouncement of “Spring”

April 27, 2010

This morning we awoke to find frost on the lawn and windshields.  Depressing, but I courageously selected a light windbreaker and headed downtown.  Sun was out, faint breeze, and it seemed to be getting warmer.

At 9:30 a..m. I hit the road to run down to the Hell Canyon District Ranger’s office to glean some information and beg and nice big stand treatment map.  On the way down it turned into a beautiful day and I saw three signs which are guaranteed proof that Spring has arrived; we’re not talking harbingers here.

1.  The Dakota Hotshot Crew’s trucks were out, parked in a clearing, and the crew was in training.

2.  The Oreville Campground host was on-site, all moved in and set up, even though the campground’s entrance was still blocked to the public. 

3.  Custer has all its “WELCOME TURKEY HUNTERS” signs posted on the roads into town.

— Margadant

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