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Dickie Marshall-Part 2: Let the Whining Begin

April 24, 2010

From the 4/24 Rapid City Journal:

Acquittal in AIM killing gives ex-FBI agent pause

. . . Jurors found Richard Marshall not guilty Thursday of first-degree murder. He was accused of providing the weapon that killed Annie Mae Aquash in 1975.

A key federal agent during the militant group’s protests in South Dakota at the time of the slaying says the acquittal gives him pause.

“Well, it’s not very positive, that’s for sure, because you never like to lose them,” said Norman Zigrossi, director of Rapid City’s FBI office in the 1970s. “But it’s hard to say. A lot of it depends on the jury, a lot of it depends on how the facts are presented. Not witnessing the trial, it’s really hard for me to pass judgment on what happened.” . . .

Authorities believe Marshall gave the gun to Looking Cloud, Graham and another AIM member on the night Aquash was killed. The jury rejected that idea Thursday in less than two hours, which included lunch.

“I can’t believe it was such a short deliberation,” Zigrossi said. “That is unusual.”

“I would have expected that (a guilty verdict) was a slam dunk because the facts are the same as Looking Cloud’s trial,” he said. . . . .

— JM

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