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April Smith & the Great Picture Show

April 18, 2010

I listened to Prairie Home Companion on Saturday and was captivated by April Smith and her band, the Great Picture Show — so much so that I listened to the Sunday broadcast for a reprise.  It finally occurred to me, thanks to having poked around Gunnar’s blog, that most this stuff is probably on-line.  I searched, and sure enough, there was April and the Picture Show.  I thrashed around in the various websites and was able to locate and play a number of their tunes, but “Colors” and “I Can’t Say No” from their Songs for a Sinking Ship album — (is it still “album?”) — made my day.  I am addicted.  I’m not adept enough to copy videos or tune links, but I think it would be well worth your time to get yourself to and click on the “Music Player” ribbon — cuts 1 and 2.  Meanwhile, here are some photos that I was clever enough to steal.

April Smith and the Great Picture Show
from Brooklyn, New York

April Smith and the Great Picture Show

April Smith has been described as “a loose-lipped, cocked-hip gal whose music and mien could buoy the Titanic.” That said, her Brooklyn-based band, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, is making a splash with their new album, Songs for a Sinking Ship. The band: April Smith (vocals, rhythm guitar), Marty O’Kane (guitar, uke, accordion ), Mike Bryan (keyboards), Steve Purpuri (bass ), Nick D’Agostino (drums).


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