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I seem to recall being here once before . . .

April 12, 2010

Last November I shared out a video that was sent to me, which I thought so incredible as to deny description, let alone sustain a belief that the situation might ever capable of duplication.  I’ve been busy, harried even, lately, and I was completely unprepared to deal with my daughter’s pictures of Sunday’s “target practice.”

Having seen the lad subsequent to the event; I’m relatively certain that no rounds were touched off in this stance.  But I’m not certain my young lass learned that much about target shooting yesterday.


I’ll think about it, but I don’t think it requires Aesop to come up with the moral to this one.

— Margadant

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  1. Jana Margadant permalink
    April 12, 2010 9:56 pm

    I know it looks crazy, but I promise we were very safe. Any of the pictures taken with us holding multiple guns or in crazy stances, the gun was unloaded and the saftey was on. Tony teaches gun saftey and fun!

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