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Snow — but not so bad

April 2, 2010

Yesterday brought a steady rain that turned to heavy wet snow last night.  In this morning’s light the snow was, in reality, about an inch and a half of white slush.  It’s still falling, but melting as it hits.  The northern Hills are going to survive; more slush than down here is about the only difference.

Lee donned his gear this morning to head up to Terry Peak for the last of the ski season.  He says the lifts will be closing down for the season on Sunday.  He was up skiing last Wednesday and while the surface less than perfect, the lack of a crowd was nice.  He said there were about 20 people on the whole mountain, consequently he got a lot of skiing in that morning between classes at BHSU. 

Lee’s relieved,  He was worried that the January spent on the wolf study in Minnesota would mean that he wouldn’t get his money’s worth on the season pass he bought last October.   Downside is that his skis have taken a beating from less than perfect conditions on the slopes this year.  That expense is going to be deferred until next season.

— JM

A 4:00 p.m. postscript — I returned home to find Lee back from Deadwood.  He reported a serious 15-car pile-up on the curve leading to the Terry Peak turn-off.  He couldn’t get there.  So, slush on the road – 15, last runs of the season – 0.  As for Rapid City — the sun broke through about 3:oo o’clock,  everything on the ground is melted, and kids are gathering downstairs to color eggs.

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