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Mixed blessings

March 31, 2010
It has been an interesting day.  This morning’s radio awakened me with news of a winter storm warning.   The Northern Black Hills are forecast to receive 21″ of snow tonight; we denizens of the foothills will only get about 6″.  So ends four days of golf shirt weather.  I’m interested to see how our neighbor takes it.  Sunday afternoon marked the first “Backyard Get Together for Shots” party at his place.  We were not invited.  We went over last summer and I fear we offended him; BKM would only do wine and I was cheerfully abstinent.
And the big news — this morning I went into the doc for my first knee injection.  My experience with third-parties fooling with my knee joints has always been bad.  They have uniformly been hulking thugs that meant me harm, and their treatments always resulted in great pain.  So for me to agree to this needle-in-the-joint-shit should give you an idea of the shape I was in when I finally made the appointment.
I spent a restless night and showed up on time. I thought it boded ill when I was able to finish one and a half articles in Links magazine before being summoned back.  I was turned over to this little blonde medical student who quizzed me about my medications and why I was there.  Then the doc came in, she told him why I was there, and he explained how she’d screwed up my prescribed med section on his computer record.  Neither of these lifted my spirits, but she was a cutie, so I stuck around.
Now that the doc’s recollection had been refreshed, he took the med student, told me to get my pants off, and left the room.  I dropped ’em and assumed my position on the table.  Back in came the doc and the med student, apparently all briefed as to the procedure.  He told me that the student and his nurse said I smelled good — I allowed as how I was glad I’d shaved.
He then sets the student to finding where to put the needle in and swabbing the spot — turns out she hit the right spot, but didn’t swab to his satisfaction.  “Wetter is better,” in that office.  He then hands the little darling this syringe with a needle that I was sure you could drop dimes down.  (Admittedly, an exaggeration, but I was, shall we say, TENSE at the time.) 
I figured in for a penny, in for a pound, relaxed my knee on the doc’s command and gave a sick grin to the student when she smiled up at me and said, “You’ll feel just a prick.”  The prick came before she finished the sentence; and damned if it wasn’t all that bad.  She inserted about half the needle; didn’t hit anything; and the doc made sure by rotating the needle in the joint a bit.  Then she dumped the juice in me, whipped out the needle, applied a little Band-Aid, and allowed as how it had been nice to meet me.
I got the side-effects and what-will-happen-if-you-don’t-ice-the-knee-today lecture, put my pants on and went back out front to schedule my left knee 30 days out.  Today has been very different.  There has been no stiffness or pain in the right knee.  It’s the left one that’s nagging now and I discovered I’m having to learn to walk differently.  My right knee was hindering me more than I had realized.
Doc’s promised me another shot before CO.
— Margadant
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