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Signs of life in the Old Burg

March 14, 2010

I frequented another Sioux Falls coffee house tonight; “Michelle’s,” on the southend of Phillip’s Ave., north a few doors from the old Federal Building.  They serve up an good Sledgehammer, most importantly, in a real cup.

On the counter I found a small handbill advertising, “A Night With the Sewer Rats” at the Red Eye Bar & Casino on North Cliff Avenue.  “5.00 — Music Starts Around 9PM.”  Ah, to be young again.

A second handbill announced a benefit for a local Sioux Falls artist, Mary Klinetobe.  It was not that much fun to read; but it was a hell of a comment on American health care.  The handbill advised as follows:

In January Artist Mary Klinetobe was hit by a truck while crossing  14th St. & Phillips in the crosswalk.  She sustained a broken wrist, her leg was broken in 2 places and her knee has been left in need of total replacement.  She is recovering in great spirits, however the driver’s insurance policy is only going to cover $25,000 in costs.  Her initial bill was more than double that and she still needs to go back for a knee replacement.  Compounding the problem the company that Mary worked for closed its doors in late 2009 and she was uninsured at the time of the accident.

As friends of Mary, we areholding a benefit to try and raise money for cost of living and medical expenses.  We will be holding a silent auction of several of Mary’s pieces as well as many local and several national artists.  Also, we will be having an auction of some childrens artwork as well as a free will donation.

If you’re interested you can follow this by searching Mary Klinetobe Benefit on Facebook.

— Jim Margadant

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