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And they took me to a mountain top. . .

March 12, 2010

As Lou Costello always said to Bud Abbott, “I’ve been a BaaaD Boy!”  I was weak and have fallen short in the eyes of the Lord. 

I went AWOL from the Sierra Club booth about 3pm to grab a brat and a soda, then stretch my legs for a spell.  Things went innocently enough and I was half way through the walk-about when this rack of Browning field shirts whispered to me — “Check it out!  Yeah, that’s right; that’s the fabric you like — Yeah, come on over!” 

The sign said $20.  For Browning shirts?  In my size!  The shirts must be stolen and these guys are fencing them at rural Midwestern sports shows!  I looked.  I felt.  And I was strong; I turned away — only to find myself facing an entire wall of Filson coats, shirts, vests, pants, and leggings — all marked down 60%. 

A sharply syled  upland game hunting coat caught my eye and drew me over.  There was only a Large and a Medium available.  I relaxed, then glanced at the classic waxed canvas field coats next to the upland coats.  Damn, exactly my size, and tailored with the Lord’s own design.

I was backing away when I ran over the salesman.  The next thing I knew, I was trying on the field coat and listening and nodding as the demon smiled and spoke his incantation, “$140.00, marked down from $349.00.  Filson really let us have a deal…yada, yada, yada.”   I was lost.  I am ashamed to say that I didn’t even get warmed up to attempt to deny temptation three times.  Instead, just for good measure, I threw one of the Browning shirts into the deal.

Having had time to think about this, I’m not repentant.  I realize that it  must have  been the grand design of my higher power.   It was preordained that I buy the coat and shirt.  Hadn’t the power allowed me to acquire knowledge of the house and goods of Filson; hadn’t the power arranged for these knaves to fence Filson goods at the Sioux Falls sports show; and how else could their exhibit space have come to be located between my booth and the brat stand?

BKM will be so pleased that I am in such close touch with my higher power.  [Boy, I’m glad I could turn this around.]

— Margadant

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  1. March 13, 2010 10:56 am

    My fleece collared, charcoal gray Filson double cruiser as one of the small joys of winter. That and my black Stormy Kromer cap.

    “One cannot put a price on personal comfort”. – Marlin “Bud” Berg

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