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The Hiatus

March 10, 2010

I am finally in Sioux Falls, snug in a hotel room, after driving through miserable snow/slush/rain/and fog.  It really wasn’t too bad after traveling a couple of hours out of Rapid City, the snow was too light to drift across I-90 to form a treacherous ditch-filler surface.  It was uncanny howthat snow condition would usually show up just after you crested a rise.  Bad news if you did it with any real speed.

I had to take my hat off to the driver of an 18-wheeler that had proceeded me by about 15 minutes.  He lost it, but held on to take it into the right-hand ditch in a nice straight line, parallel to the highway.  He was dealing with a highway cop so I didn’t stop to congratulate him.  There were plenty of other cars that weren’t so lucky and/or skillful.

But got here in one piece and got the exhibit set up for the sportsmen’s show.  The Sioux Falls show is impressive in size.  It underscores the fact that I do live in the out-back.  Although I did see in this morning’s paper that our state’s largest metro area doesn’t contribute enough in the way of population to keep SoDak out of the top-10 list of states that receive the most in earmarks.  We’re number 8, receiving about $112 per capita in federal legislative earmarked dollars.  When you begin adding in the crop subsidies, federal defense and government agency payrolls, payments in lieu of taxes, facilities rentals, etc., the numbers start to get mind-boggling.  Maybe Uncle Sugar is our leading industry?

As the article pointed out, it really helps to have one of your legislators on the appropriations committee.

— JM

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