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Odds ‘n Ends from around the desk

March 5, 2010

Consider this  sort of cleaning the cupboard — wind-ups and passing items of interest that may bear closer examination in the future.

First out of the box, yesterday the SD Senate voted 22-12 to approve John Cooper’s appointment to the state Game Fish & Parks Commission.  I learned of the vote while I was in a grazing allotment management team meeting at the Mystic District Ranger Office.  One of the higher GF&P people there suddenly left the room to take a call.  Upon return, the Senate vote was announced to all present.  I am pleased.  I think Coop will be good for wildlife and habitat in this state.

Next, for friend Berg, in hopes that he will view this backwater as a more civilized place, I pass along the news that a new, small, independent bike shop is being opened up in town.  It’s called “Cranky Jeff’s” and coincidentally is right across the street from my office.  The proprietor, Jeff Patterson, is up from Albuquerque and has just gotten his doors open.  He’s still awaiting shipment of the big stuff (i.e., bicycles) to arrive to fully stock the store.  He’s aiming to have the smallest bike shop in town; an interesting philosophy given this country’s obsession with growth.  I think I’ll take my spring tune-up business over to further his philosophy.

And finally, the plucky SD GOP legislators have defied the GOP Governor and are proposing $52 million in cuts and shifts in the Gov’s proposed budget.  Rationale?  This will avoid taking $32 million out of the state’s reserves.  The Gov professes to be horrified, proclaiming the proposed cuts  irresponsible.  However this one plays out, it’s going to be interesting to see how our Department of Tourism will be promoting our “world-class quality of life”  out here in the Great Fly Over.  The fact that hypocrisy knows no shame can make things so entertaining.

— Margadant

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