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P & Y scorer stops by

February 20, 2010

Day 2 of the sportsman’s show is in the books.  It was LONG; and my knees hurt from standing on concrete all day.  But standing around watching and anticipating people is sometimes an interesting study in psychology.

The most unexpected encounter of the day occurred when this fellow walked up to the booth and wanted to know what the Sierra Club was doing at this kind of event.  He was of the impression that the Sierra Club was completely anti-sportsman and wanted to keep everybody out of the outdoors.  That got me to grinning and we had a good talk about the Club’s position on hunting and fishing; that I’d hunted for many years and had joined up in 1978 because the Sierra Club was the only national organization that was serious about protecting the backcountry; etc. 

Our talk drifted along, about his days growing up in Wisconsin, logging practices in the Pacific Northwest as contrasted with those in the Black Hills, the fact the Forest Service now is defining a “saw log” in the Black Hills as anything greater than 9″ in diameter, and other forest type stuff. 

But the most interesting thing about our encounter was learning that he had been a trophy scorer for the Pope & Young Club.  I was surprised to learn just what a person has to do if he is lucky enough to bring down a buck that may rank in the top 10 in the Pope & Young book.  Then on reflection, I decided that the hunter might not have been so lucky after all.  It sounded like the work and expense were just beginning. 

It was fun talking with this fellow and I was glad that on parting we exchanged names and shook hands.  By the time he left the booth I knew I’d like to try to get him to put on a program about scoring trophies.  But considering some of the folks that turn out for our membership meetings, I’ve  decided to suggest the idea to the local sportsmens club instead.

I got home and looked up the P&Y scoring system and found the above picture of what, I guess is an official scorer’s kit.  How those rules are combined with this gear is way too complicated for me. 

— Margadant

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