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Mundane Sunday

February 14, 2010

We spent most of the day babysitting the grandson — or BKM did.  He had her baking oven pancakes, slicing bananas, and busily satisfying every wish that an 18-month old perpetual motion machine could dream up.  I sat on couch a lot — letting him fetch things to drop on or throw at me.

Between defensive parries, I caught some of the Winter Olympic coverage.  During a commercial break I was shocked to see Lance Armstrong shilling for some diet-beer.  The whole thing was  unbelievable.

The Olympics I managed to see were the Nordic jumping and the 10km-biathlon.  Interesting, but the overall winter sports theme was somewhat hampered by intermittent sunshine and rain with shots of the helicopter dumping buckets of snow on the ski run.  The biathlon still is a good cardio sport so some misses on the firing line can be forgiven.  But to see most of the top-ranked biathlete in the world shooting 60%?   It looks like more than a lack of cardio conditioning — maybe it’s the heat.

British Columbia’s nice, but this weekend it doesn’t seem too wintery.  I think that the Winter Olympics always seem to look more, well, like “Winter Olympics” when they’re held somewhere like Norway, Sweden, or Austria.  Aesthetically, its hard to beat the impression that snow coupled with either reindeer or the Alps makes.

— JM

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  1. Gunnar Berg permalink
    February 14, 2010 8:31 pm

    While I do not claim to be an expert on the biathlon, I do own a set of worn out wooden cross-country skis and an old Winchester Model 52 target rifle. Having used both of these quite a bit, I can safely say that the biathlon is the most perverse event ever conceived by upper class dead European men. Pushing hard on the ski makes you breath like a horse with snot and slobber dripping from your chin. Then you are asked to stop, shut down all systems and squeeze off a shot between heartbeats, which by then are red zoned at about 150. 60% seems pretty damned good to me. I think it’s strange they don’t shot themselves in their ski boots.

    On Vancouver. I’ve been out there twice on vacations. Vancouver Island (Victoria) is zone 8, the same as northern Florida. I do not know what zone Vancouver city is, but they have palm trees. I’m not surprised than even up in the mountains they are having weather issues. A nice city. A lot of street beggars, but they are very polite.

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