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In the Presence of Saints

January 30, 2010

My Alan Page throwback jersey arrived a couple of days ago.  I picked it up at the post office, securely packaged, bearing all manner of Chinese characters.  It hadn’t occurred to me that the jerseys for “America’s Game” were now being made in China.   It gave me a taste of how the Brits must feel, seeing their premier league clubs being taken over by foreign billionaires.

At any rate, I put aside the irony and took the jersey home and stored it in the bottom drawer of my dresser.   The NFL Championship had come and gone, lost in the inimitable Viking style. 

So, Friday being my birthday, I decided to wear the jersey for the family steak fry BKM was laying on for me.  As Lee, Jana, Patrick, and the esteemed grandson gathered in the kitchen, I went up and took the jersey out of the drawer and released it from its plastic shroud.

It was of good quality, not as heavy as the jerseys we wore in the 60’s, but durable and faithful to the old school Viking’s purple and styling.  I pulled it on and went down to be viewed.

Being a year and a half old, the grandson was transfixed by the purple color and couldn’t stop touching the big white “88” on my chest.  Touchingly, my children reacted like Dark Age peasants in the presence of the relics of saints.  They gazed upon the jersey in awe, pronounced it “Cool,” and then broke into remembrances of the great Vikes they saw play; deciding that Chris Carter may be the only one that will rank with the Purple People Eaters.

After dinner things broke up and I took off the jersey and packed it away.  I have decided that it shall be treated as a vestment.  Henceforth it will only be taken out of  storage for the highest of Viking Holy Days. 

Now that the NFL distraction has passed I will turn my full attention to the greatest game as it is played in the English Premier League.  Wayne Rooney is on fire, having had a 4 goal game against Hull City; Ferdinand is back in the defense; and Man U sits in second place on the table, one point behind first-place Chelsea.  I also noted with much displeasure that in the time it took to play the NFL Championship game I could have watched two Premier League games start to finish.  There’s something to be said for commercial-free, non-stop action.

— Margadant

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