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Of the Vikings

January 25, 2010

I didn’t hyperventilate and swear too long.  And I find I’m not in the zombie state that some commentators are talking about when describing Viking fans this morning — it’s been 49 years; hell, I’ve got conditioning to fall back on.  The zombies are the younger fans.

So, what’s my take on it all?  I wasn’t going to do a take until I remembered that Dex said the NFC Championship would be decided by Farve throwing an interception.  I considered that briefly and decided to weigh in with my two-prong analysis of what happened.

I do not fault old Bret.  I understand how he felt before he threw that last interception.  Only once did I ever make the rash mistake of picking up a live ball in a football game.  It was a squib-kick on the kick-off and being the alert, always anything-to-please, eager-beaver junior lineman that I was, I grabbed it up, turned and was hit by all the pumped-up psycho-freaks on the special team unit.  It hurt — knock your breath out–ribs bruised–hurt.  I have never forgotten that pain.  The experience instilled the deep truth that it is better to be the hit-tor, than the hit-tee.

Consequently, I fully understand why Bret didn’t sprint forward with the ball; it just hurt too much and had every potential for hurting worse 7-yards further up the field.  I understand, and I don’t condemn.  So I can’t go along with Dex’s inference that Farve would lose the game for the Vikings.  Quite the contrary, he carried them on his shoulders for most of the season — a judgment that, as a Packers-foe, I find hard to say out loud.

Instead I point my finger of disdain and ill-will at the genius football coach and/or coaches that played too smart during their own team’s time-out, sent 12 players on the field to “confuse” the defense, and came away with a 5-yard penalty for their flash of brilliance.  5-yards that took a field-goal try right off the board.   It’s aggravating, but it’s no surprise either.  I’ve known and experienced football coaches over the years and I can’t say that this Sunday went against the grain.  It’s just too much to expect them not to try to over-engineer an obvious solution to a simple problem.

So, that’s my number one reason.  The number two reason is baaaddd juju.  Despite sending in the $19.50 mailing fee, the %&#$%#)$!! gear company didn’t get my Alan Page “88” jersey to me in time for the game.  I’m still waiting; I’m pissed; and I”m sure it’s because the company is staffed by retired coaches.

— Margadant

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  1. January 25, 2010 5:54 pm

    Aw Damn! The only thing that helped get me through the game was a vision of James in his Alan Page in front of the telly, face painted purple and gold, singing the Prince fight song, maybe with a Viking flag planted firmly in the carpet. Looking back on the whole fiasco, I think it was the song. Our boys may have won it if the new Viking fight song had been sung by a large military men’s chorus, instead of junior high girls. That might have been enough to put us over the top. It was definitely the song.

    • Jana Margadant permalink
      January 25, 2010 8:53 pm

      I hope I am there to witness my Dad dressed in this attire one day!

  2. Jana Margadant permalink
    January 25, 2010 8:51 pm

    Dad I am truly sorry the Vikings lost last night. I know you say it would just hurt more to watch them loose in the Super Bowl, however, I still dream of seeing them play in just one Super Bowl in my life time, win or loose. Besides we still have one more year with Bret, I know it will likely be a catastrophe but maybe, just maybe we will get our shot next year! As one of those “young fans” you referred to, I am prepared for the loss and yet very hopeful at the same time!

  3. January 25, 2010 10:33 pm

    I think he’ll hang it up.

  4. Dex permalink
    January 27, 2010 10:19 am

    I remember that you got a short kick in the B-squad game against Fairmont. You were looking around for the ball and it was riding somehow on you gut. I was a couple of guys down the line and remember shouting, “You got it.” You seemed confused, and I don’t remember what happened afterwards. I rememeber that neither one of us knew a hell of a lot about football at the time. We were there because of our sizes and the coaches didn’t think we needed to know anything. The older I get the more I realize how lucky we were to have Gus on A squad. He and Bob Driesbauch(sp) were the only ones with a modicum of sense.

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