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News from the Out-Back

January 19, 2010

Jana and Patrick came by the house last night, with grandson in tow, and of course stayed to dinner.  She brought the second cryptic message anyone has received from Lee in the North Country. 

Jana said she’d gotten a text message from Lee to the effect that he was in Ely and had just got off an airplane; “Something about doing radio telemetry, or something.  He said they’d been flying over a pack of wolves for 20 minutes.  What’s he doing?”

Though the message was a bit garbled, it appears he’s still having fun.

— JM

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  1. Jana Margadant permalink
    January 19, 2010 6:04 pm

    From the messages Lee keeps sending me, I am not so sure he is ever coming home. At the end of each one he adds in a “I love it here!”

    I am so jealous, wish I could go take this class. I don’t think it would do anything for my degree though…darn!

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