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December 4, 2009

I am semi-recovered from the head-cold I picked up during deer season.  I blame it on Lee appropriating the lined duck cloth coat that I had been wearing earlier this fall.  We bought the coat for Lee at a sale about three years ago to wear during the spring and fall construction seasons.  He got a spring season out of the coat, saw the light with respect to physical labor, and went off to college.  The coat hung forgotten in a basement closet where I found it this fall during a cleaning mission BKM had tasked me with.  I washed the coat up and happily started to wear it to the office.

My squatter’s ownership ceased with Lee’s search for garments that promoted layering for hunting.  He retook the coat and stayed in good health; meanwhile, being stuck, I kited out in a couple of heavy shirts and a hunting vest.  That outfit, even fortified with BKM’s vitamin C regime, proved inadequate.

So, I am just returned from Running’s Farm & Ranch Store where I broke my resolution to buy fly fishing gear each payday and splurged to buy a new Carhart lined duck coat.  (This last week has proven too cold to cling to principle.)  The only disappointment is that coat is so new and stiff.    Nothing improves a duck coat like a muddy construction site and an abundance of sunlight.

— JM

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  1. December 4, 2009 10:57 pm

    I know, you know, that getting cold has NOTHING to do with GETTING a cold. Just another excuse to heap the guilt of your troubles on a good innocent lad.

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