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Minnesota man bitten by Technobug

November 23, 2009

Lifted from the current issue of the SD Game Fish & Park News for your consideration:

Getting bit by the technobug

Bismarck, ND, Tribune

Getting away from it all isn’t that easy these days, I guess

When it comes to hunting and fishing gear, the techno-bug has hit big time.

I remember when using walkie-talkies while out on the boat or in the field was a novel idea.

These days, hand-held radios are almost low-tech. Trail cameras are being used more and more to monitor deer movements.

Then you have the Internet mapping sites like Google Earth and others that can give you a pretty detailed map of virtually any location on the planet.

Whether it’s hunting or fishing, the more information you can lay your hands on, the better your odds of having a successful outing become.

One of the things that worries some, however, is what kind of lesson getting techie sends to youngsters.

It’s not about – or at least shouldn’t be about – say, going deer hunting to shoot a big buck.

There is a lot that young people can learn about the natural world by going out, getting dirty and getting in the thick of things.

One teacher in Minnesota apparently gets it, however.

Dawn Tanner is the teacher who is developing a trail camera curriculum for students.

The idea is that unlike a lot of video and computer games that can keep kids on the couch, trail cameras can spark an interest in learning what is actually beyond the TV or computer monitor.

A recent study shows that kids, on average in the U.S., are spending a full day a week or more either watching the tube, on the Internet, texting, tweeting or whatever.

I might be alone in this, but I find that kind of statistic more than a little troubling.

I see it in my own house. Between the “social networking sites,” e-mails, texts and rest of the techno stuff, who has time to talk to each other?

I firmly believe, and have for some time, all the new ways to communicate with each other have left us stressed out to the point where it’s hard to talk to anyone face-to-face.

I believe when a lot of people think of the outdoors, they have these visions of what they see on the TV shows with big budgets and big sponsors.

It doesn’t work quite that way. I hunt and fish to get away from the rat race, but I know there are some people who, for them, it’s not an option.

But if you’re going to go, go and do it right. Case in point: apparently Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty shot and wounded a buck on the opening day, but was unable to find the wounded animal.

Pawlenty has been taking a beating in the press and elsewhere.

The story is the governor and potential presidential candidate had to cut his tracking of the buck short to make a speaking engagement somewhere in Iowa.

But then he is the governor and had “his people” looking for the deer for a couple of days with no luck.

So the lesson here is: If you are going to be a hunter, make sure you have the time to put into it to do it the right way – especially if you are a politician.

I thought we had learned that lesson from Dick Cheney.

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  1. November 23, 2009 10:40 am

    How about “fish finders”? Part of fishing used to be mentally mapping and remembering the lake bottom features. Lake fishing has become about catching as many fish as possible. Not all change is for the better.

    -Old Woodchuck

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