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“Ahh, Gee, What da Ya think da Odds Are?”

November 20, 2009

Despite its penchant for disseminating the rants and musings of some very strange and/or disturbed people, our local Bugle manages to provide an outright laugh at least 2-3 times a week.  This morning’s offering was among its finest.

The front page, above the fold headline proclaimed, “Cougar found near Storybook Island.” There followed a short story outling how a 2-year old male moutain lion was located in a residential neighborhood just east of the Storybook Island childern’s park.  Both the park and the neighborhood are located adjacent to Rapid Creek which flows from the Black Hills, west to east through the center of the city.  GF& P went out, tranquilized the cat, removed it to the regional office where it was euthanized.  An agency spokesman noted that there doesn’t seem to be any “rhyme or reason” why the mountain lions will come into the city’s neighborhoods, the occurrances just “comes in spurts.”

Following that story, on the front page, but below the fold, was the following headline and feature story, “City asks to kill 399 deer within its limits this winter.”

— Margadant

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  1. November 20, 2009 1:13 pm

    399 reasons – not certain what rhymes are, in this context. I wonder how they come up with a number like 399.
    “Shhhh. There’s a big buck behind that lilac by the garage. Blast’em Bob!”
    “I can’t. I’ve already got my 399 bag limit.”

    If the cat is tranquilized what is the rational for killing it? Wouldn’t it have been possble to haul out somewhere, or are they homers?

    • November 20, 2009 5:19 pm

      My botch — I was in a hurry and 399 was punched in instead of 300. It’s not a tag and stalk type of affair. The city dads get permission from the state to reduce the population and then contract with special snipers to do the deed(s) when no impressionable children are watching. Last year the city paid about $30,000 to thin out the deer; it’s epected this year’s cull will cost the same.

      As for euthanizing the cat, I scratched my head awhile too. It’s official policy that cats wandering around in populated areas are killed, not relocated. Zero tolerance. Since this one showed up, literally, in the geographic center of our fair burg, it was destined to be toast. I concluded that it was tranquilized and removed to another locale for the terminal rites to spare the public’s sensibilities and spare the GF&P responders from irate tongue lashings by citizens at the scene. A hard lesson learned a couple years ago when GF&P and the local cops took most of a morning drawing a crowd before killing a moose in the backyard of a Montessori school while all the kiddies and the
      assembled crowd watched. To make things even more interesting, they managed not to make a clean job of it. Shall we say, they heard a lot about their choices and proficiencies from the public.

      — JM

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