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More Nostalgia

November 14, 2009

I was talking with a guy about the old stalwarts depicted in the Dakota Back Country banner and, coming on the heels of my rhapsody about Townsend Whelen, I’m giving in to more nostalgia.  Concerning those old hunters; here’s another dimension of the habitat of those days:


Pertaining to myself, this is the first high-power rifle I held in my hands — during a break while we were baling hay for his dad, my friend took me aside and he pulled the old .30-40 Krag out of the closet so I could see what a superior deer rifle looked like.  And yes, it really was the carbine model.


No doubt that experience had something to do with me purchasing my first big bore, a military model 7.65mm 1891 Argentine Mauser, complete with a stock of military ammo in original stripper clips.  Had I known about corrosive primers, I might have held on to the rifle long enough to ruin it in a garage workbench attempt to sporterize it.



Which leads me to the one that got away.  My uncle’s beautiful 8mm Mauser sporter.  It had the dark walnut stock that has always mesmerized me.  He was one of the old stalwarts on the banner; a Norwegian bachelor, he didn’t like me and, in retrospect, I didn’t give him much reason to.  Justice was probably done when he sold it just before he died to one of the other stalwarts.


Children, be good to your elders.

— Margadant

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  1. November 14, 2009 8:14 pm

    I played on a softball team sponsored by Eddies. Nice uniforms.

    And Con probably didn’t give you many reasons to like him either. It isn’t a given, even with family.

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