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More of Mallards, Canadas & Feeding Bans

November 3, 2009

Last night our City Fathers met, and after due deliberation, voted 5-5 on the proposed ordinance establishing a waterfowl feeding ban.  That vote sends the ordinance for the feeding ban back to the citizen committee that has worked on the issue for a year and recommended a feeding ban to the Council twice.  Now the citizen committee will have an unspecified amount of time to rework the ordinance, or simply drop the matter. 

Judging from the article in this morning’s paper, it appears the most short-sighted thing that some of the Fathers did last night was to give interviews explaining the rationale for their votes.  Deep, pithy stuff — perfectly entertaining reading over coffee.

Meanwhile the Bugle’s sidebar notes that 1435 Canada geese and 1,195 mallard ducks were making Canyon Lake Park their base of operations in December 2007.  That was  up 999 birds from the count taken in 2003. 

— Jim Margadant

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