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Update on the “Late Moose” and the “Cows in the Walk-In Area”

October 16, 2009

Gunnar made my morning by putting up the “Parrot Sketch” on his blog.  (If you’re at all into wonderful, handcrafted bicycles, eclectic music, and have an occasional taste for the Scandinavian culture of southern Minnesota in the 1950’s, check it out at )  But again, I digress.

The local bugle announced yesterday that the reward on the head of the asshole that shot the moose up at Deerfield had now exceeded $4000.  GF&P put up the first $1000 from its Turn-In-Poachers (TIPS) fund; the rest of the reward money represents contributions from local sportsman’s clubs and individuals. 

Yesterday also brought a reply to my email to the Mystic District Ranger about the how and why of the cows in the walk-in fishery below Pactola Dam.  District Ranger Thompson’s response even included attachments that detailed his office’s contacts with the grazing permittee about the incident. 

The rancher was contacted as soon as the District office learned of the situation and the reply was pretty standard — the old, — we’d been moving cattle off the forest a couple days ago — must ‘ta missed some — you know how that weather’s been, lots of trees falling down on fences — the orange gate on FS Road 165 between the Prairie Creek pasture and the walk-in fishing area had been left open — yadda, yadda, yadda.  Bottom line being, the permittee will be out immediately to get his cows off.

In looking over the attached correspondence the District Ranger sent me, I noted the names of many prominent Black Hills fly fishers, who had also complained about the encroachment.  A number of those guys swing a pretty big stick around here, which I suspect helps explain some of the willingness of the permittee to get out to immediately collect his cows.  There have been other instances with strayed cows on other Districts where that hasn’t been the case,  But what the hell, it’s just a protected botanical area — and it’s only some up-tight enviros bitching about it.

— Jim Margadant

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